B2B SaaS Revenue Growth: How to Accelerate Sales Velocity

Three Reasons Why Sales Velocity is Your Key Metric

1. You can always understand your current position

2. You’ll know where you want to go with your business

3. You’ll get extra revenue

Five Key Reasons Why Your Sales Pipeline is Slow

1. Poor decision-making strength

2.Low resources

3. Trying to avoid change

4. Troubles with closing deals

  • No focus on the client. Don’t focus on closing. Focus on your client’s needs and wants. Listen to them. Resolve sales objections. Frame your solution based on their wants and needs.
  • No storytelling. Share customer success stories. This way, you help prospects imagine their own success with your service/product. Also, stories empower your sales pitches. They trigger positive emotions and hormones associated with them. Stories earn customer trust as well.
  • Too forceful closing. When you pressure people to buy before they’re prepared, you may force them off entirely. Rather than closing as fast as possible, concentrate on relationship development. This way, you’ll get long-term clients.

5. Not utilizing the right CRM

Combining Art and Science: 11 Different Strategies for Improving the Revenue Growth

  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Scale your usual deal size
  • Get more pipeline opportunities
  • Make your sales cycle shorter

Raise Pipeline Opportunities

Increase the number of leads

Lead Outreach Optimization

  • Closing the gap-follow up as fast as you can
  • Optimizing your emails for open rate and delivery
  • Testing your messaging
  • The phone follows up after emails
  • More follow-ups

Optimize lead to opportunity conversion rate

  • Enter a group of qualified leads
  • Open the campaign
  • Push an individualized email sequence
  • Flag (automatically) leads who opened or responded
  • Begin a real convo
  • When you got a fit, convert them into opportunities

Take care with leads who aren’t qualified

Close More Deals — Improve Conversion Rate

Optimize the process of sales discovery

Collect more intelligence

Quicker opportunity response

Raise Deal Size

Strategize with upselling

Sit in the market middle

  • Dramatically bigger value of deals, compared to lower market deal
  • Significantly quicker closing time than upper market deals

Increase your price

Make the Sales Cycle Shorter

Defining the timeline on-time

Automate the funnel sequence and follow-ups

Nine Closing Tactics to Improve Sales Velocity

Make the Deal Sweeter

Talk directly

Write it down

Talk about the benefits

Remove the pressure

Hold steadfast

Let them think

Open-Ended Questions

Don’t stop the game


Need more help from us? Let’s talk. Schedule a call with us and let’s see how we help you accelerate sales velocity and generate consistent revenue growth!




CEO @ Funky Marketing | We Create Demand Generation Programs To Help B2B Companies Generate Consistent Revenue Growth https://funkymarketing.net/

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Nemanja Zivkovic

Nemanja Zivkovic

CEO @ Funky Marketing | We Create Demand Generation Programs To Help B2B Companies Generate Consistent Revenue Growth https://funkymarketing.net/

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