Checklist that will help you increase online sales

Specific measurable goals

You need to start with setting up measurable goals before even getting the checklist. Make sure you have the specific measurable goals set. If you don’t have them, it would be highly difficult to measure the improvement. If you don’t have a single goal on the website that you can focus on, you can’t follow the process. Either you are selling something (let’s say sneakers, clothes, so products) or you want to get subscribers.

1. Create the buyer persona

It’s important to know whom you’re talking to.

2. Drive relevant traffic to your website.

SEO seems to be very popular and people want to have more people on their websites. That’s ok, nothing wrong with the increase of the website traffic, but what if those visitors are actually people interested in what you have to say and offer? Bringing people to the website is just a first step in the Conversion Marketing cycle. The number of people visiting the website isn’t important. Who those people are is extremely important.

3. Design the great website

Not the website that looks great, but the website which converts. Design is specifically for your customers. You‘ve already created your Buyer Persona, remember?

4. Create a compelling value proposition

Giving value to your customers is so important and, having that in mind, offering the right value proposition. If you don’t have one — you have nothing.

5. Understand buying phases.

Understand how people are buying and which phases they are going through so you can improve your offer and measure.

  1. People who are doing the research to find the different options when it comes to a solution to their problem — comparing products, services or companies. They know they have a problem.
  2. People who have already made their decision to buy

6. Reduce friction

Reduce anything that stops people from buying or gets their attention away. Every piece of copy, every piece of design that is turning them away from the buying process.

7. Focus on clarity

Be as clear as possible on your offer.

8. Eliminate noise and distractions

The more choice you give people, the harder is for them to choose anything. Just put yourself in that situation! I bet you’d choose nothing, right?

9. Engage visitors

Visitors need to be engaged on your website. They need to do something on their own so they can feel like a part of the whole story.

10. Add urgency

Always add urgency because your offer is limited and there’s a time limit for them to buy your product or service to solve their problem or their frustration.

11. Follow usability standards

All those things on the list are equally important. Separately and together. You gotta start with the foundation and simple changes. When it comes to conversions, simple changes can get you far.



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