How to create a B2B content machine

Content strategy

Before we get into creating content, we need to find out to whom we’re talking to and for whom we’re creating this content. That’s why the first thing I had to do is determine the client’s personas and the stage of awareness they’re at.

Content planning

Strategy without implementation doesn’t mean anything. For starters, we need to determine the communication channels we’re gonna use. I do that by overlooking the channels that best suit me plus the channels that best suit my potential clients. It’s great that I’m able to produce different content, from text to videos and audio, so I don’t have a restraint like that.

Content Creation

In this phase, I consider research as the most important part. If we do the research right, all other steps in creating content are relatively easy. I do the detailed research and create the outlines of each piece of content I’m creating. Long-form videos, short-form videos, blog articles, text posts, visuals.. When you create templates, you shorten the time it takes to create the content in the future.

Main pillars of content

  1. Website articles

Content distribution

I’ll’ get into details when it comes to content distribution and content repurposing.

Social Media

Organic posts

Organic posts are the basics of content distribution. I schedule posts on Linkedin and on Facebook.

Promotional posts

We only advertise on Facebook and Instagram, with the aim to educate people. Nothing else. I advertise visualized audio, short-form videos cut from the long-form ones, case studies, research studies, and sometimes articles made for distribution and consumption (up to 3-minute read). The idea is to educate people so they can look for a solution when they’re ready to buy.

Live videos

When we do webinars or meetups, we stream it on Facebook. They are being used as a separate piece of content.

Quote image

I’m not using them often for Funky Marketing, but they can be used quite well to additional promote a piece of content.

Email marketing

We use email marketing to distribute the content to our email list and occasionally to share my thought aka pour my soul out. I have one email sequence in place — if somebody downloads a lead magnet or subscribes to my list. Nothing else.


We post articles on Linkedin, Medium, or in business magazines like BizLife. I used to do the same with Quora, but I don’t do it anymore.

Repurposing content


We tent to republish certain pieces of content after optimizing it (based on the number of reads, CTR, etc. or other updates) and during a relevant campaign (when I can use some piece of content previously created for another purpose). This can also be called a content upgrade.


We’re using 4 main pillars of content to create more content out of it. Here’s the overview:

  • When recording B2B Weekly podcast, we’re recording the video version, too, and uploading it on YouTube
  • We get 4–5 short videos for Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram out of every webinar and meetup
  • We get 4–5 pieces of visualized audio content for Linkedin and Facebook out of each episode of B2B Weekly and Funky Marketing podcasts.
  • We use long-form articles, case studies, researches, and reformatting them as text posts for LinkedIn.
  • We use long-form articles, case studies, researches, and reformatting them as visual posts for Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Repromoting content

From time to time, we’re repromoting content that caused reactions and engagement, depending on the goal.


When the content is out, we watch reactions and optimize to make it better. I don’t advice you to measure every single piece of content. Just create it with a goal in mind and optimize accordingly.

  • Headline
  • Subheadline
  • Intro and description
  • Visual templates
  • Readability
  • Shareability
  • Images
  • CTAs
  • Internal links



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Nemanja Zivkovic

Nemanja Zivkovic

CEO @ Funky Marketing | We Create Demand Generation Programs To Help B2B Companies Generate Consistent Revenue Growth