Moving People From Thought To Action Is The Essence Of Marketing — Funky Interview With Kevin Belz — Funky Marketing

How to build a personal brand/reliable team/continuous quality/long-term satisfied client?

Let’s talk about processes. Give us an example to help us understand how you think about marketing campaigns with a specific example or examples.

What do you consider the next big step in your career? Why?

Where are you studying today?

What do you think, are we sharing enough knowledge? Why? And how is it impacting the way companies think of marketing today?

What do you recommend to those who follow you? What is it that helped you to be where you are?

Is there anything we haven’t asked you that you’d like to tell the readers?



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Nemanja Zivkovic

Nemanja Zivkovic


CEO @ Funky Marketing | We Create Demand Generation Programs To Help B2B Companies Generate Consistent Revenue Growth