Relationship Centric Marketing — The Future Of Marketing

In order for companies to succeed nowadays, they need to change their mindset and switch from transactional marketing to relationship-centric marketing.

Transactional Marketing

Relationship-Centric Marketing

The Benefits of Relationship-Centric Marketing

  1. Increased Revenue
  1. Shorter Sales Cycles
  1. Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

How to Implement Relationship-Centric Marketing in Your Business?

  • Demand Generation
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment
  • Messaging and Differentiation

Demand Generation — The Key to Relationship-Centric Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy — The Perfect Way of Engaging Your Audience

Marketing and Sales Alignment — Getting Your Marketing and Sales Teams on the Same Page

Messaging and Differentiation — What Makes Your Business Stand Out?


We help you create a strategy and then we work with you every step of the way to make sure that it’s executed effectively and efficiently.

Schedule a call with us today and let’s grow your business together!



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Nemanja Zivkovic

Nemanja Zivkovic


CEO @ Funky Marketing | We Create Demand Generation Programs To Help B2B Companies Generate Consistent Revenue Growth