The Best B2B Startup Marketing Strategy Ever?!

There is no way to be successful without a B2B startup marketing strategy

So, what is the best B2B startup marketing strategy?

Before we get started, here are 5 tips to help you create a top B2B marketing strategy

Create a marketing team

Your marketing team should have:

  1. Data analyst
  2. SEO and content strategist
  3. Writer and editor
  4. Graphics and visual talent
  5. PR representative

Open or update your social media profiles

Set a marketing budget

Gather marketing information

Be patient!

Now you are ready! Here’s your step-by-step guide to creating the best B2B marketing strategy for your startup

Step 1: Know who you are talking to by determining your target market

  1. What channels do you need to use
  2. The tone of your messaging
  3. Where to place ads
  4. What content do you need to make
  5. And so much more

Step 2: Take a look around the market and research your competition

Step 3: Make sure you stand out and create a unique selling point

Step 4: Create a plan

Step 5: Give your audience the best: focus on quality

Step 6: Use Storytelling: Build the bigger picture with narrative

  • What feeling do I want this service to be associated with?
  • What story can help me drive this message across?
  • Why did we come up with this idea?
  • Who are we as a company?

Step 7: Know Where You Stand: Nail your positioning

Step 8: Make sure your messaging is on point

Step 9: It takes time to be great: Be persistent

Step 10: Experimentation builds a better strategy

We have gone from A to Z on B2B Startup Marketing Strategies



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Nemanja Zivkovic

Nemanja Zivkovic

CEO @ Funky Marketing | We Create Demand Generation Programs To Help B2B Companies Generate Consistent Revenue Growth