What happened to ethics and ideals in marketing, PR, leadership, and life?

Nemanja Zivkovic
2 min readMay 13, 2023

Let’s talk about PR, paying respects, and leadership. Or the lack of it.

We had 2 mass murders in Serbia in the last 10 days with 17 people killed plus 3 women killed in femicides.

A lot of those 17 were children, killed in a primary school shooting, and she never even showed up to pay respects.

Naturally, people are protesting on the streets.

The photo below is how the Prime Minister reacts. Funny? Saying: “It’s much more of us now compared to the last protest.

It has never been more obvious that the government doesn’t care about its people, only about lowering the information about the real number of people.

The president is in the same boat, trying to organize a protest as an opposite to a protest.. against violence?

He posted the photo first, on Instagram, but then the Prime Minister posted one with multiplying them, as a joke related to the number of people in the protests.

Damn, that’s some fucked up shit.

This is the example where the agency, apparently the Israeli one known for these kinds of things rules the country. And I gotta give them credit, they are pretty good when it comes to manipulation of the masses.

But I’m sorry, that’s not gonna cut it anymore. It’s 2023. You can’t hide tens of thousands of people.

Basically, what they are doing is the only thing they can do. You can’t hide the mass or drone videos, but you can make a montage like this one and post it a million times so that people start believing that it’s real.

This is what I meant when I said the fight for good never stops. This is the kind of marketing, communication, leadership, and government we can’t afford to ignore if we’re gonna build a better world and better societies.

I was in Turkey a few years ago trying to launch a campaign on Twitter at the moment when Erdogan blocked Twitter.

It’s not about winning on an individual level. Some things are more important than that.

You’d expect people running countries to hold standards for those ideals, but hey.. This is the reality we got.

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